Books that MOOved me

Can't think of anything pithy. Check back later.


Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier

You know it's a bad sign when you're talking to the book about how stupidly the main character is behaving.  My poor husband is used to me talking to the tv and other drivers on the road, but I think last night was a first.  I really enjoy the author's writing, but the way she's developed the main character (she who will not be named) is driving me crazy.  I know she's young and insecure, but, really, hiding because you don't want to meet your in-laws? What, is she 12?


Sorry to vent. Well, OK, so I'm not really sorry, just frustrated.

Wish I could buy more hours...

So, I need more time.  I still haven't gotten my shelves up-to-date, or anywhere near.  If I had a time-turner, maybe I could catch up.  Or if I would have had the foresight to better log my books over the last 40 years, give or take, I wouldn't need to catch up. Well, water under the bridge, and all that.  I guess I need to set a goal to spend 10 minutes every day working on getting this under control. Of course, I just used some of that time to type this.  

The Black Moth

The Black Moth - Georgette Heyer

I've read many Georgette Heyer books and have thoroughly enjoyed them.  For some reason I am having a difficult time getting immersed in this book.  I think it's more my frame of mind than the book, but I might have to put it down until I'm in a different mood. 

Mooving away from lurkdom

Finally got the push to move out of lurkdom and (hopefully) into reviewing.  While waiting for the small number of books that I had on another site to finish importing, I'm pondering my game plan. Think I'll start by rating as many books as I can remember.  I've been reading for too many years to try to give any sort of cogent reviews unless I reread, and since I rarely reread, it looks like I'll be starting from scratch.   Every journey starts with the first step, right?